Stavri Kalinov

 5.11.1944 Stavri Kalinov born in Vidin 
1961 - 1964 Goes to high school in Vidin 
1966 - 1968 Freelance worker in the field of poster and commercial advertising. Works on various art objects. 
1969 Accepted for wood carving in the Nikolai Pavlovich Higher Institute of Fine Arts 
1977 Graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts (Sofia) under the partonage of professor Asen Vasilev 
1978 First marriage with Iva Mokanova 
1980 Takes part in the "Humor and satire in art" exhibition with his famous sculpture "Charlie Chaplin" 
Displays in Vidin and Sofia his first one-man-show of miniature plastic works. 
1983 Exhibitions in Sofia, Vidin, Gabrovo and Varna. 
1984 Exhibitions of bronze and silver miniatures in Aistria. 
1985 Exhibitions in Melbourne and Sidney 
1986 Exhibitions in Germany, Spain and England 
1988 Miniature plastic works exhibited in "La galerie d'Etraz" in Lausanne (Switzerland) 
1989 Sculpture exhibition in Montreux (France) 
1992 Exhibition of silk collages and interpretation of Rembrandt, Gustav Klimt, Van Gogh and Vladimir Dimitrov-Maistora in art gallery "Makta" 
1994 Metal monster sculptures exhibited in the "Katie" gallery 
1994 Metal monster sculptures exhibited in the "Katie" gallery 
1995 Awarded "Crystal Star" by art gallery "Makta" for best exhibition of the year 
Marriage to Sylvia Lyutakova
Exhibition in Los Angeles (USA)
"The Mould" exhibition in art gallery "Makta", featuring miniature plastic works made through the Kalinographic technique 
1996 Patronage contract signed between Plamen Hrankov and Stavri Kalinov. Studio opens in the Castle Hrankov, to be visited later in the year by Paco Rabane and Tsar Simeon II 
1997 Takes part in three collective exhibitions in Switzerland
a statue of St. St. Constantine and Elena made by Stavri Kalinov awarded to the Pope John-Paul II 
1998 Created portraits of famous bulgarians through the use of a special technique, upon appointment by the Future for Bulgaria foundation