Joey Blazek

Born in 1954 in Beaumont, Texas, Blazek has remained in the area most of his life. In 1976, he received a BFA from Lamar University in graphic design, spending many extra hours of life drawing, painting and watercolor under the tutelage of Jerry Newman. Newman profoundly influenced how he would think, see and translate images to paper and canvas. Blazek continued to draw from these skills throughout his career in graphic design as a creative director, photographer and illustrator.
In the late’70s he began working as an art director, later serving as creative director, for Vance-Mathews, Inc. with offices in Beaumont and Houston. His work was primarily focused in print media back in an era when layout, design and production art was still accomplished on a drawing board with markers, T-squares and ruling pens.
He started his own design firm, Blazek Design, in the mid ‘80s, continuing to create and produce print and electronic media for clients in Beaumont, Houston and Louisiana.
In recent years he has come full-circle, back to the fine art side of his career and his first love of painting. He located a small studio about a year ago and has now made painting and drawing a full-time job. However, he still continues to do design and photography work for special clients.