Christina Doelling

Raised in Europe, Christina was influenced by many different painting styles,
from the Old Masters to Abstract Expressionists. She graduated with Highest
Honors and a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Arts from Skidmore College in New
York. While there, she embraced the freedom and dynamics of abstract painting.
She then moved to Atlanta, studied art direction and graduated from The
Portfolio Center. Christina was an art director for more than a decade, working
at advertising agencies in Atlanta and San Francisco, yet she always pursued her
love of abstract painting. Since 2002, she has been happy to dedicate herself
completely to her art. Her work has been exhibited in galleries all over the
Southeast, and many private and corporate collectors have her work on their
walls. In June 2006, she was honored by being chosen and featured as the
“Emerging Artist” of the month by the prestigious “Art & Antiques” magazine.
Christina’s paintings have an identifiable look, even though her style constantly evolves. Texture is a very
important aspect of her work. She applies a generous amount of acrylic paint and works in layers, letting
luminosity and color compliment and contrast. Stylistically, areas of intense activity are juxtaposed with
areas of calmness. And many of her compositions are anchored with geometric shapes and lines that can
create both balance and tension within a painting. She often works with mixed media, using charcoal,
pencil, and pastels as drawing elements.
“Since creating abstract art is such an organic process, there is no
set formula or amount of time before a painting reveals itself. The
process itself dictates the end result. Appreciating an abstract
painting is much more about feeling it, rather than analyzing it,”
she says, and she loves how this makes the experience so
subjective and different for everyone. Her goal as an artist is
straightforward: to create what she loves and hope that people
may love what she creates.