Allan Tetrault

Allan Tetrault is an artist specializing in acrylic paintings.  His inspiration has come from his travels through Latin America and, in earlier years, from the enchanting locale of Key West, Florida.  His paintings reflect the beauty of tropical beaches as well as the street scenes of Peru, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Ecudor. 

I have been at this painting business for a while now, seems like the time has arrived to enter the world of the web.

I did my first 'professional' painting in 1984, I think, but I remember as a lad of 9 or 10 selling tweety bird sketches to friends. Later on as a teen I did magic marker and pencil sketches of athletes whom I admired. Wayne Gretky was nice enough to sign a few of my sketches. For a rabid hockey fan in his twenties, that was the pinnacle of success.

In the 80's and 90's I traveled often to Key West, Florida and found unending inspiration in the electic streets and homes of old town. A decade ago I began traveling to Latin America and lived for brief stretches in Mexico City and Quito, Ecuador. Later on I traveled to Peru and found new inspiration in the old cities high in the Andes. My recent works were inspired by visits to Cusco, Huaraz, Pisac, and Ollantaytambo.