Tim “Frogman” Cotterill was born in Leicester, England in 1950. Though he grew up enamored with the little frogs that would eventually become his main artistic focus, art was not Cotterill’s first calling. He left school at age 15 to complete a six-year engineering internship. Within the first few months, Cotterill realized that engineering was not going to be his life's work, but he completed the entire program in order to please his parents. Though not his ideal career path, engineering did help Cotterill discover his love of metalworking, and he began to create sculptures of birds and animals. In 1990, Cotterill moved to California and began to work on his sculptures full-time. The public response was immediate and enthusiastic, and his colorful and life-like sculptures have since been in incredibly high demand. 

With pieces that can be found in fine art galleries world-wide, Cotterill reminds his admirers that his work should be fun: “Frogs are fun creatures! I have tried to capture their individual spirit, their fun, and their joy. Life is fun! I hope my art brings more happiness and joy into your life.”


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