John Canning

 John Canning has always been influenced by his surroundings, and by places to which he’s traveled. Art was “in my blood from day one of birth.”

Canning attended the University of Florida in Gainesville, where he completed courses leading to a B.A. degree in Design. He also attended St. Petersburg Jr. College in Clearwater, Florida, where he earned an A.A. in Architectural Transfer. The influence of architectural school is evident in his paintings and drawings, where “architecture meets finer art”. The artist employs light and shadows, natural vegetation and the bright colors of the tropics to paint Caribbean Victorians and palms. Canning strives to convey atmosphere – as he remarks, ”A place you once visited or wish to visit.”

In his tropical works, Canning’s viewers get a sense of walking along a dirt road in St. Marten, or through an historic neighborhood in Key West, noticing an open window looking out onto the water, or a palm leaf casting shadows onto a house.

Canning’s original works are paintings and drawings created with watercolors, color/graphite pencils, pastels, charcoals, India inks, and sepia embellished photographic transfers.

Canning enriches his artistic life by staying fit and engaging in extreme sports, such as sailing, windsurfing and surfing in very high winds and surf. He also enjoys cycling, mountain biking, blading and kayaking. He loves music, and plays drums for an alternative/rock band.

Canning has shown his works in numerous exhibitions; most recently, in a one-man show on the island of St. Martin F.W.I. Grand Case Beach Club Resort. His works are collected by musician/songwriter Tori Amos and have garnered him numerous awards.