Ann Krasner

 Ann Krasner was born on January 17, 1967 in Moscow, USSR. She grew up among people interested in science, music, photography, ballet and theater. As a child, she was chosen to study in the Bolshoy Theater Ballet Studio, Moscow Musical School in the class of piano and musical theory, and started her general education in Advanced Experimental Math/Physics School for gifted children. In 1984 Ann was accepted to Moscow Institute of Chemical Industry majoring in Technical Cybernetics and Automation, where she got her MS in computer science. In 1987, Ann immigrated to the United States.And now, in her latest collection of paintings, Ann Krasner devotes herself to capturing the essence of celebration, as so often expressed in music and dance. A startling choreography of color and line and motion, Krasner's paintings burst from the canvas in a sheer revel of life. The viewer is at once immersed in a world of mirth and whimsy, a place where some holiday or good news has prompted a spontaneous celebration.For the viewer this mood can be infectious as the dancers beckon us to join them. Their exuberance typifies Krasner's own exuberance, and therein lays her magic. Here, in this series of paintings, Krasner leads the new century with a waltz, a tango and a swing. At our gallery, we see in her work a worthy heir to the masters of the twentieth century, in full stride, and this is something to celebrate.Ann’s work now resides in the permanent collections of the Boston Museum of Art and the Springfield Art Museum and she has had exhibitions in major museums across the country, including, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Springfield Museum, Carnegie Art Museum, Laguna Art Museum, and San Diego Museum of Art, just to name a few.