Glen Tarnowski

Glen TARNOWSKI's use of imagery and symbolism reflects his eternal optimistic and whimsical view of life and possibilities.

"Painting that simply reproduces likeness of subject isn't enough -- I create paintings that express my emotional response to the beauty of subject." --Glen Tarnowski

Tarnowski is renown for being the father of "Modern Alegorism", using the techniques of the old masters in a whimsical, inspirational and paradoxical way to transform everyday 21st century objects into a visual essay on the modern condition. "Modern Alegorism", unlike surrealism, is always positive, uplifting, inspirational and enlightening, while providing an artistic exercise for the mind.

He was awarded an Angel Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (equivalent of the Oscar), for Best Motion Picture Graphics for the film, 'The Pale Rider' in 1996.His collector list includes Hollywood celebrities such as Mel Gibson, media moguls Ted Turner and Aaron Spelling, institutional collectors such as the Billy Graham Institute and a variety of corporations including Twentieth Century Fox, TRW, Nordstrom Corporation and major media networks including NBC and CBS.