Carrie Smith

I seek to evoke a deeper awareness of the female/male gaze inClearwater,Florida.  My paintings reflect the essence of that individual, echoing a familiarity in expression, emotion and attitude.  My portraits challenge you to look beyond the gaze, behind the flesh and question what is transpiring psychologically, beneath the surface of a woman/man’s façade.

What started out as a childhood love of art has turned into a successful career as a full-time artist for me.  Born inClearwater,Floridaand raised inMansfield,Ohio, I returned toClearwaterafter graduating from college.

I was encouraged to pursue art as a career by a high school art teacher.  While attendingOhioUniversity, where I graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Find Arts Degree in painting and drawing, I knew this was my passion for life.

When painting, my subjects are posed facing the viewer head on to convey the impression they are looking right at you.  I use a linseed oil and liquin glazing technique that creates a smooth texture.