Abstract Amazonian Anforna (Pot)
AbstractAmazonianAnforna (Pot)
Blue Climber Blue Suede Shoe Brianna
Blue ClimberBlue Suede ShoeBrianna
Bugsy Cafe Carivale Churchill
BugsyCafe CarivaleChurchill
Daydream Distraction Dryad
Energy Eternity Euphoria
Fantasia Femme Autumn Floating Platter
FantasiaFemme AutumnFloating Platter
Flora Primavera Ga Ga Shoe Grey Climber
Flora PrimaveraGa Ga ShoeGrey Climber
Hand Embroidered Necklace Hand Embroidered Necklace Hearts
Hand Embroidered NecklaceHand Embroidered NecklaceHearts
I Am Thinking Kimberly Knowledge of Encouragement
I Am ThinkingKimberlyKnowledge of Encouragement
Kona Levels of Awareness Lilac Platinum
Kona Levels of AwarenessLilac Platinum
Lily, Peyton and Brooke Lime Green Ladder Climber Long Boat Set
Lily, Peyton and BrookeLime Green Ladder ClimberLong Boat Set
Lucky Bug Magenta Climber Maria
Lucky BugMagenta ClimberMaria
Masquerade Medium Curved Tray Mermaid
Masquerade Medium Curved TrayMermaid
Murmur Oblivion Orange Climber
MurmurOblivionOrange Climber
Pamela Penguin Warrior Rebecca
PamelaPenguin WarriorRebecca
Red Victorious Climber Shred of the Moon (SOLD) St. Pete Sole
Red Victorious ClimberShred of the Moon (SOLD)St. Pete Sole
Stakeout Taylor Teal Climber
StakeoutTaylorTeal Climber
The Artist The Reef Tide
The ArtistThe ReefTide
Transformation Vortex White Girl Climber
TransformationVortexWhite Girl Climber
Willow Platinum Woman Series Vase Women Series Vase
Willow PlatinumWoman Series VaseWomen Series Vase
Yellow Girl Climber Yellow Heart (SOLD) Yin Yang
Yellow Girl ClimberYellow Heart (SOLD)Yin Yang
Zen Ziggy Zoey
Ace With Grace After Calder (SOLD) Arrow (SOLD)
Ace With GraceAfter Calder (SOLD)Arrow (SOLD)
Aurora (SOLD) Aztec Angel Basket
Aurora (SOLD)Aztec AngelBasket
Bikini Girl (SOLD) Blue Climber Bluebell Mothers Day (SOLD)
Bikini Girl (SOLD)Blue ClimberBluebell Mothers Day (SOLD)
Bowl Fish Candy Ballerina (SOLD) Chef (SOLD)
Bowl FishCandy Ballerina (SOLD)Chef (SOLD)
Dancer #1 (SOLD) Dancer #2 (SOLD) Dolby Horse (SOLD)
Dancer #1 (SOLD)Dancer #2 (SOLD)Dolby Horse (SOLD)
Don Quixote Elephant (SOLD) Ferrari
Don QuixoteElephant (SOLD)Ferrari
Ferrari Burn Green Climber (SOLD) Grey Climber
Ferrari BurnGreen Climber (SOLD)Grey Climber
Gumdrop (SOLD) Harley Head Over Heals (SOLD)
Gumdrop (SOLD)HarleyHead Over Heals (SOLD)
High Flyer (SOLD) I Spy (SOLD) Indigo (SOLD)
High Flyer (SOLD)I Spy (SOLD)Indigo (SOLD)
Later Gator Lords & Ladies (SOLD) Lucca (Donated to University of Tampa)
Later GatorLords & Ladies (SOLD)Lucca (Donated to University of Tampa)
Male Jester Maranello Mini Tutu #1 (SOLD)
Male JesterMaranelloMini Tutu #1 (SOLD)
Mini Tutu #2 (SOLD) Orange Climber Picasso Cat Replica
Mini Tutu #2 (SOLD)Orange ClimberPicasso Cat Replica
Picasso Makatt 044 (SOLD) Portabello Red Climber
Picasso Makatt 044 (SOLD)PortabelloRed Climber
Red Climber #2 Roma (Donated to University of Tampa) Roma II
Red Climber #2Roma (Donated to University of Tampa)Roma II
Snowboarder Tradition Tutu (SOLD)
Snowboarder TraditionTutu (SOLD)
Twister (SOLD) Two Rings (SOLD) Valentino
Twister (SOLD)Two Rings (SOLD)Valentino
Victorious Climber Yellow Climber
Victorious ClimberYellow Climber